In theatre you need an image that tells a story, that communicates. The skill of the photographer is to marry targets with image. Brian is the essential ingredient - technical and people skills get together and magic happens.
Peter J Adams, Creative Director, ACMN

Brian?… brain!
Bruce Bennett, Creative Director, Totem Communications, Sydney

Brian has an amazing ability to get ‘into’ unusual locations, gain the confidence of the people and then come away with the perfect shot, not an easy feat.
John Fawcett, Sydney

I learned many things from you, everything was impressive.
Satoka Tanaka, Senior Art Director, Dentsu Y&R Tokyo, Japan

One of the most versatile and professional photographers I have ever worked with. He is also one of the nicest people I've ever met!
Guy Winston, Regional Creative Director, JWT, Bangkok

Brian’s greatest asset is the way he works with people. Whether they are CEOs, brickies labourers or Marketing Managers, he puts them at ease and wins their co-operation in getting the perfect shot.
Larry Pitts, CDV Design, Sydney

Our shoot at Olympic Park was great!
Michael Van Heusden, Hollandse Communicatie Maatshap, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Brian’s photographic abilities cannot be praised highly enough. He made difficult shots look easy, and made the talent feel completely comfortable. The proof is in the results. Thanks to Brian, we now have some truly amazing images of Western Australia that really capture the essence of this amazing state. If he wasn’t a photographer… I’d still want him on a shoot!
Jenny Chandra, Consumer Marketing Manager, Tourism Western Australia

I have worked with Brian Geach on a professional level for many years. His multi award winning photographic career has been defined by two indispensable attributes required to succeed in the corporate domain. Serially, he has embraced and mastered each and every technological advancement to deliver outstanding images, in every genre. That technical and aesthetic expertise is matched by a rare ability to understand workplace ecology and to intuit and deliver his clients' aspirations along with his ability to manage images and emotions, pictures and people.
Robert Gordon BEd M Coun GAICD CCG (INSEAD)  Director of Programs, Board Accord

Brian is a highly experienced photographer who's technical skills are complemented by his ability to relate to both clients and subjects alike.  This allows him to turn a working brief into more than the sum of its parts. His maturity, attention to detail and as importantly his sense of fun ensures that he creates excellent work that sets him apart from run of the mill photographers. I am very pleased with the portraits he has done for me!
Donald Smallwood, Senior Director Marketing, Oracle Australia and New Zealand